Saturday, August 4, 2012

Olympians who use Strava

When watching the cycling time trials in the London 2012 Olympics I noticed some of the riders had Garmins on their bikes. My first thought was that these guys would go upload their rides to Strava right away - worried more about getting the KOM than the gold medal!

Notice the Garmin (at a funny angle) on Emma Pooley's TT bike
(July 31, 2012 - Source: Dan Kitwood/Getty Images Europe)
So I did a few searches within Strava to see which of these Olympians were, first of all, on Strava, and then whether or not they really uploaded their rides.

There are dozens of them who use Strava, which was no surprise. Like the rest of us, some use it more than others. Unfortunately, it doesn't appear that any uploaded their actual Olympics events.

However, I did find a few training rides just before the events:
Besides these four I found many others within Strava, most of them women for some reason. It's interesting to note that all of the Germans below and the one above (Teutenberg) live in California.
It's pretty fun to study their ride stats, though if I were a professional racer I don't think I'd be putting these up for the public. And if I did, I'd certainly leave out my best rides. So don't take them too seriously.

And whatever you do, don't do the side by side comparison unless you want to feel really weak and slow.


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