Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Singlespeed and Knee Pain

After a few months of hard singlespeed riding, during a 120km road ride, I experienced a sharp pain in my right knee. It felt like a red hot needle was being poked through it, right along the joint. The pain was all the way through, laterally, equal on both the inside and outside.

The pain came when I pedalled hard or mashed with that leg. At a fast and light spin it was back to normal - standing up or going in a bigger gear intensified the pain.

After a number of visits to a physiotherapist and a doctor, I determined the pain is a result of:

  1. An injury I had to this knee 11 years before
  2. Overuse from mashing too hard, mostly on my singlespeed (at a high ratio too!)
  3. Low cadence (point 2) even on a road bike (cadence around 75)
  4. The daily wear and tear of even road riding

The physiotherapist gave me exercised to do but couldn't really help. He had me take videos of myself on my bike to check my position, and he said it was ok.

I had a more experienced friend re-fit me on my road bike and check my cleat position also - all ok (after I bought a shorter stem).

The doctor prescribed me some medicine that is designed to help regenerate the knee (and shoulder). They are Regenerix and Arthrex DX.

Since taking those I've had no problems, only some slight dull pain that I can live with. But I have had no problems during rides.

The moral of the story: If you ride singlespeed err on an easier gear. Don't overdo it like I did. Don't try for a harder gear thinking you'll get stronger, especially if you have ever had a knee injury before.


Jack Cruz said...

Sorry to hear it from you. I know time will come, you will be relieve from your knee pain. Just keep on striving and don't forget to take those medicines. God Bless!

Sara Gomas said...

It feels more crucial time on you and reminds me my pain after knee replacement surgery. You should loose your weight also and try to insert less weight on your knee.

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